Amnesty International Campaign: Making the Invisible Visible

Lenticular fence posters in Cardiff for the 'Making the Invisible Visible' campaign.

Making The invisible Visible is a street art campaign for Amnesty International.

As a result of the collaboration between street art collective and creative team , a series of art installations appeared in various European cities last week.

Mentalgassi have transposed portraits of six victims of human rights abuses into lenticular fence posters. Once applied to the fences, the portraits are invisible from a frontal position; the image is revealed to the passer-by only from angular positions. In this way, they are literally 'making the invisible visible'.

Amongst the six victims is Turkish human rights campaigner Turkish Halil Savda, who's constantly at risk of imprisonment. Filep Karma is currently serving a 15-year prison sentence in Indonesia for taking part to a peaceful ceremony in 2004. In each of the projects' sites, a plaque lists the website where one can take concrete actions to support the victims.

The street art installations highlight a social cause and creatively invite viewers to take part in (3-17 December). This coincides with International Human Rights Day on 10 December.

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