Could a sneaker-head community space in Scoop (86) safeguard against physical retail’s decline?

LUXEMBOURG – Designed for local company Asport, which specializes in contemporary sportswear and accessories, ‘Scoop (86) is not only a sneaker store; it is more like a sneaker club. Consumers are incentivized and immersed in the story of designer sports shoes,’ explains concept designer Stijn Nachtergaele. Scoop (86) is experimental concept agency Nightingale’s latest project, and it has one thing at heart: retail experience.

Experience is the keyword for Nightingale, which tackles the topical issue of physical retail’s survival in times of pervasive digitalization with dynamic community-building. Scoop (86)’s hybrid retail concept invites visitors to return to the store, spend time there, personalize their purchases, and ultimately inscribe themselves into a burgeoning community of sneaker lovers or 'sneaker heads'.

But how to get customers out of bed, especially when they could be making their purchases in the comfort of the latter? The Antwerp- and Berlin-based agency puts forth an increasingly coveted element, one that digital retail cannot yet snatch from physical shopping: a three-dimensional, multifunctional, multisensory shopping experience. Scoop (86) features a mini-gallery where customers can stroll around, take part in audio tours, and learn about the design and manufacturing processes behind their shoes.

Alongside the retail space's origami-inspired counter and white octagonal tiles is a more industrially-themed area, designated as the ‘maker’s lab’; where visitors are able to customize products they purchased, have a drink, and converse with fellow sneaker lovers. With this participatory and personal dimension, the sneaker club bridges brand and customer by creating an attachment not only to the store, but to its community.

Every month, the sneaker club launches ‘scoops’ that range from freshly released sneaker models to exclusive designer collaborations. The sneaker-head community that Scoop (86) aims to build and secure is directly contingent on this novelty, as sneaker enthusiasts plan their visits accordingly and eventually become regulars in the store.




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