A sculptural trade fair presentation by studio atelier 522 ticks all the right boxes

DÜSSELDORF – In advance of the next , which takes in March, we share the story of atelier 522’s stand design for König that was presented at the last event, as detailed in .

White cubes were the unmistakeable feature of König's presentation, focusing entirely on the brand’s modular shop-fitting system that was to be launched at the show. The system was designed by atelier 522, and König also commissioned the interdisciplinary designers to create their stand. With their system in mind, atelier 522 responded with a holistic concept that puts the spotlight entirely on the product.

The designers used the stylish cubes of the shop-fitting system as the building block – literally and figuratively – for König’s entire presentation. Besides the actual stand design at EuroShop, the cubes found their way into all of König’s identity regarding the exhibition, from the invitations to the overall communication design.

Visitors to the fair encountered a white framework that expanded from the corner of the stand. Composed of stacked white cubes, the physical form was structured in a staggered way, with some sections almost reaching the ceiling. Interplaying open and enclosed modules, this grid showcased the possibilities of the display system that could also be combined with different materials.

The stand's black walls and floor provided the perfect stage for the sculptural white installation. On the walls cubic white graphics mirrored the form of white grid. Even the central bar counter made from medium density fibreboard took its cue from the modular theme. By showcasing just one single idea to create a bold, memorable stand, atelier 522's design ticked all the right boxes.


This project features in , which can be purchased here. We are now working on the next edition. If you have designed an eye-catching trade fair stand recently, we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch: st-w.info

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