A Room for London

The temporary hotel room contrasts public and private, familiar and domestic.

Despite being perched atop a building in central London, a one-bedroom hotel offers visitors a sense of privacy – and unforgettable views – while they spend a night overlooking the city below.

The Roi des Belges boat-hotel by and artist was the winning entry in a competition to create a space for tourists visiting London in 2012. The assignment was to design a room for up to two people, where they could spend an night overlooking the Thames from atop the

The resulting Roi des Belges was inspired by a 1890s riverboat captained by Joseph Conrad, who recorded his journeys in the Congo in the novel Heart of Darkness. Outside, a pyramidal steel tower is a reference to Hawksmoor’s Christ Church. Inside, timber-lined walls juxtapose magenta and turquoise accents; the central bed can slide on rails to optimize views of the city.

The project has been created through a collaboration between and , which is producing a program of writings, readings and live music webcasts from . These will be featured as part of the

Want to spend a night at the hotel? Bookings for nights from July to December will go on sale 19 January, via
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