#St-Winmilan captures best of Milan Design Week 2016

MILAN – St-W is on the ground in Milan, capturing the sights to see during the 2016 edition of Milan Design Week on Instagram.


op15 Apr 2016 om 6:39 PDT

Tsuyoshi Tane of DGT architects strikes again for @citizenwatch, suspending 120000 watch components into a glimmering matrix of metallic elements. Experience the spatial installation at Superstidio Più at Via Tortona 27.


op14 Apr 2016 om 3:16 PDT

Explore the collection of experimental, incomplete objects at at Via Privata Oslavia. What do you Envision?


op12 Apr 2016 om 12:38 PDT

In addition to the , St-W is in Milan to find all the highlights of ! At 's exhibition The Nature of Motion, ten of today's top designers explore present and future manifestations of movement. Be sure to see the collection of installations at Via Orobia 15.


op12 Apr 2016 om 2:00 PDT

At The Nature of Motion exhibition by @nikelab, British designer Max Lamb invites visitors to try their hand at pushing heavy blocks of aluminium, granite and polystyrene. Thanks to a layer of compressed air, gravity is disrupted and friction is reduced. The result? Heavy elements which glide with surprisingly little effort.


op12 Apr 2016 om 8:48 PDT

Urban jungle


op15 Apr 2016 om 4:26 PDT

Curated by @wendy_plomp, ten designers present explorations fit for an increasingly intangible world at @dutchinvertuals. Despite the universal shift from physical to digital identities with social platforms, Advanced Relics unveils objects which remain rooted in reality. Visit O' near Porto Garibaldi at Via Pastrengo 12.


op14 Apr 2016 om 5:13 PDT

'What is cultural innovation?,' reads one of the windows at La Rinascente. They are designed by Hella Jongerius & Louise Schouwenberg  


op15 Apr 2016 om 3:35 PDT

To cure society from overexposure to hyper-sexualised imagery, prescribes a healthy dose of No Sex. Retreat into pink-hued tranquility created by a spatial narrative of designer Alberto Biagetti and artist Laura Baldassari's objects. See what the doctor ordered at Piazza Arcole 4 in Milan.


op13 Apr 2016 om 4:05 PDT

joined forces with architect for Forest of Light, a mysterious installation of towering cones of illumination which interact with visitors inside an old cinema in Milan's San Babila district.


op13 Apr 2016 om 1:28 PDT

Stained glass meets wood with the Aquário cabinet and table by @estudiocampana for @bdbarcelonadesign. See the collection at @isaloniofficial at Pavilion 16, Stand B31.


op14 Apr 2016 om 10:35 PDT



op12 Apr 2016 om 9:48 PDT


op12 Apr 2016 om 7:51 PDT

An illuminating installation by Dutch wall covering specialists shines chromatic hues from 's CMYK lamp across a wall surface sheathed with digitally produced patterns. Skinterface by RCA students Charlotte Furet, Ka Hei Suen, Andre McQueen and George Wright is turning visitor's skin into a gateway between reality and virtuality.

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