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This Moscow school shows the design of mindful learning spaces can fuel a chain reaction

Moscow – Upon the completion of its renovation, the Russian capital’s School 57 triggered other institutions to think about how to give their students better learning environments.


This Russian pizzeria is a hub for football fans and Soviet nostalgics

Moscow – Mast pays tribute to Soviet concrete aesthetics and football club Dynamo Moscow with the design of FunFood pizzeria.


This pastrami-pink restaurant by Crosby Studios goes for the bold in Moscow

Moscow – Clad in pink metal and concrete, Rare Pastrami Bar is a sleek addition to the Russian capital's hospitality scene.


In the land of Rusiano coffee, this café goes against the Brooklyn look

Moscow – For its second Bloom-n-Brew project, design studio Asketik went against the New York aesthetic of Moscow’s nascent coffee-shop scene. 


Have an idea on how to make the bathroom more sustainable? Present it at jumpthegap®

Moscow – The biennial competition, organised by Spanish sanitary brand Roca, welcomes proposals from students and professionals under 40 from all over the world.


The paradox of hipster aesthetics: Form Bureau updates through restoration

Moscow – Contemporary architecture strips away the ‘recent’ past in favour of the historic, as seen in local studio Form Bureau’s approach to the Garage Museum HQ.


Has industrial chic gone too far?

Moscow – Broken tiles in a tanning salon may be a step too far in celebrating the spirit of exposed construction materials.


KM20 creates an anti-luxe stage for high fashion

Moscow – The concept store’s new location builds on its namesake’s raw industrial aesthetic with statement brand installations and eight-metre ceilings.


Nick Leith-Smith: merging shopping experience and local culture for Manolo Blahnik

TOKYO – In more than 30 Manolo Blahnik stores around the world, Nick Leith-Smith translates the local context into a visual dialogue with the brand and its customers.


Iceoff’s design for a Moscow workspace is layered with textures, styles and a touch of eccentricity

MOSCOW – Iceoff was thrown a particularly juicy creative bone for the commission of Proekt’s Moscow workplace: don’t make it look anything like an office, more like a highly-eccentric apartment …

The 'Brutalic Spider' carries a vision for new human settlement.

Timofey Zhilin stacks brutalist landmarks for dystopian architectural vision

MOSCOW – The witty collages of a young Russian artist reference history while looking into the future. 

The Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry by Y. Platonov in Moscow, Russia.

Fifth Façade re-evaluates Soviet international style architecture with a drone

Photographers Denis Esakov and Dmitry Vasilenko set to the skies above the former Soviet Union with the use of a drone to capture previously unseen views of soviet international style architecture.

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