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Three generations in a single house? That’s nothing: How about three families?

Shanghai – AZL Architects designed a cross-generational house in the rural outskirts of Shanghai, allowing several family members to care for their ailing parents.


This translucent two-generation home in rural Japan was inspired by greenhouses

Furano, Japan – Instead of tearing down a house that still holds Hokkaido’s agricultural heritage, Yoshichika Takagi turned it into a residential greenhouse for a large family.


This curved building in London shows not every house should be soundproof

London – Chance de Silva Architects and Scanner designed a residential house in London to explore the boundary between sound and architecture.


By building walls Japanese-style, designers can create instant openness in a house

Tokoname, Japan – By building walls with openings in this Japanese house, Suppose Design Office created a continuous space divided into smaller areas.


In a greenless neighbourhood in Kyoto, this house is all about the inside courtyard

Kyoto – In highly urban Kyoto, architecture studio 07Beach designed a wooden house that gravitates around a tree that grows in its centre.


Marcio Kogan delivered a self-sufficient pre-fab house in a remote Brazilian spot

São Paulo – Studio MK27’s Catuçaba house, nestled in the nature, works just as a modern, modular, and self-sufficient Brazilian farm.


An unsightly shed on the French shore was converted into a comfortable cabin

Normandy, France – Freaks Architecture turned a concrete storage space into the ‘Viking house’, a perfect getaway from the Parisian life.


This Parisian house marries technology with green surroundings

Paris – Villa S, an interconnected residence designed by Jakob + MacFarlane, pays an homage to Art Nouveau by blending together machine and organic form.


What is that tiny house doing in the middle of Times Square?

New York City – At this year's New York Design Week, Fernando Mastrangelo wants users to experience the future of design in real life.


Now, 90s nostalgia has reached housing – but in Spain, it’s actually bittersweet

Cardedeu, Spain – Lluís Alexandre Casanovas ‘restores’ a remnant of the real estate boom in Spain, as a way to preserve that historically troubling aesthetic.


This Japanese house is like a real-life version of Snakes and Ladders

Tokyo – Indoor living and outdoor life merge organically in Akihisa Hirata’s house-cum-gallery in urban Tokyo.


An architect’s own house contains multitudes in a small London plot

London – How did Sophie Hicks make the most of a limited plot in the middle of pricey Kensington? By digging down and letting the entire neighbourhood in.


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