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Coffee-machine maker Iberital builds its planet-friendly values into a green HQ

Barcelona – What's the point of manufacturing green products if the factory isn't green, too? Coffee-machine maker Iberital makes its Barcelona HQ sustainable.

Platinium by Tetrarc. Photo Marie-Caroline Lucat

Platinium by Tetrarc has a heart of gold and a silver skin

MONTPELLIER – Tetrarc completes Platinium, a residential block, that uses bold metallic and reflective features to make an impact on the neighbourhood.

The building becomes an extension of the landscape, combining architecture and horticulture so as to create a new sculptural form.

Waterloo Youth, Family and Community Centre by Collins and Turner Architects

SYDNEY – Australian architects Penny Collins and Huw Turner were recently involved in the refurbishment of the premises of a not-for-profit organisation.

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