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Designing for democracy and diversity in the workplace

OBJECTS – Koleksiyon’s office furniture unshackles workers from assigned stations, and empowers them to reinterpret their workspace.


Piero Lissoni: What I’ve Learned

FRAME 115 – Freedom, discipline, protest and conservatism: a life of contrasts taught Italian architect and designer Piero Lissoni to be open in the creative process.


Five Days of St-W #115: Ippolito Fleitz Group adds another feather to its cap

MUNICH – The Motel One head office expands the portfolio of Ippolito Fleitz Group, from which five milestone projects are featured in our March/April issue.


Five Days of St-W #115: Behind the scenes with the photographer of our Sabine Marcelis feature

ROTTERDAM – Photographer Floor Knaapen gives a behind-the-scenes exclusive from the Sabine Marcelis feature in our newly released March/April issue.


Five Days of St-W #115: Behind Mark Laban’s primitive approach to cutting-edge design

PROCESS – As part of the exclusive content for the release of our March/April issue, we show you the making of the Rustic Stool by Mark Laban, featured in St-W #115.


Five Days of St-W #115: Q&A with Penda’s Chris Precht

BEIJING – Web-exclusive: we hear more from the man who led the design of the Hongkun Art Auditorium, featured in our March/April issue.


Five Days of St-W #115: The performance that completed the architecture of OMA’s Faena Forum

MIAMI – It’s not every day you get a building as a dance partner. To kick-off the release of our March/April issue, we’ll be posting five days of web-exclusive content.


Out Now: St-W #115 - Retail Revolution

The March/April issue of St-W explores how physical retail spaces can remain relevant in an increasingly digital era. Find out more and pick up your copy.

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