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Best of: Social design at Dutch Design Week 2019

Eindhoven – Installation and product design shown during the Eindhoven event addresses a variety of current social issues. 


How digitizing the design process can help tackle overproduction

Eindhoven – Apparellel Existence, the St-W x Bolon Design Challenge-winning installation by Studio PMS, reveals how digitalization can lead to more sustainable and customizable …


At DDW 2019, experience Studio PMS’ winning concept for the St-W x Bolon Design Challenge

Eindhoven – The fashion collective’s AR installation Apparellel Existence will allow visitors to experience Bolon products in a new realm.


For DDW 2019: Here is the shortlist for the St-W x Bolon Design Challenge

Eindhoven – For this year’s St-W Design Challenge at the Dutch Design Week, we’ve partnered with Bolon to showcase the possibilities of the Diversity collection.


Forget clay: these delftware vases are made from human tissue

Eindhoven – Hongjie Yang's Semi-Human Delft Blue vases, made with human cells, were engineered with a process used for cancer research.


If we hyper-personalize furniture, does that mean we’re limiting its social use?

Eindhoven – Henri Canivez’s Data Stool raises a me-vs-we question: By hyper-customizing it to follow the contours of one person’s body, are we making the seat useless to others?


To manufacture these bespoke products, time literally is money

Eindhoven – With his DAE graduation project, Minute Manufacturing, Diego Faivre responds to the dehumanizing aspects of mass production.


A Canadian lighting designer returns to the (other) city of light

Eindhoven – Andlight’s first Dutch Design Week showcase has a special meaning for co-founder Lukas Peet, a Design Academy alumnus.


Into immersive experiences? Here are three tips from a brand doing them well

Eindhoven – For the Sonos x St-W Sound Challenge, we worked with the brand to produce an experiential installation. Here are some of the lessons we learned from them.  


Here are five leather alternatives probably heading to your living room

Eindhoven – From fish to palm leaves and linoleum, these proposals provide a potentially scalable alternative to the resource-guzzling cow leather industry.


The Creative Industries Fund NL now has its own archive

Eindhoven – The Creative Industries Fund NL's archive will present the best young designers and makers of this and coming generations.


Sonos and St-W explore how sound can evoke memories of home at DDW 2018

Eindhoven – The audio brand offers visitors to this year's Dutch Design Week a sensorial refuge from the city.


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