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Coffee-machine maker Iberital builds its planet-friendly values into a green HQ

Barcelona – What's the point of manufacturing green products if the factory isn't green, too? Coffee-machine maker Iberital makes its Barcelona HQ sustainable.


In this hotel suite by Bompas & Parr, veganism goes past the room service

London – Bompas & Parr’s vegan hotel suite for Hilton London Bankside is the first in the world – and indicates veganism’s future impact on spatial design.


As everything can be an office today, this Italian brand makes ultra flexible furniture

Bergamo, Italy – Office furniture brand Pedrali is designing products to outfit offices that are dynamically adaptable, capable of accommodating both teamwork and focus.

Town Hall by cepezed. Photo Lucas van der Wee & Gert-Jan Vlekke

The Town Hall by Cepezed is a greenhouse for all

NAALDWIJK – Known for its horticulture in greenhouses, the Westland in the can welcome a new ‘greenhouse’ with Cepezed’s town hall.

Butterfly Houses by Gerner Gerner plus. Photo Matthias Raiger

An apartment complex by Gerner Gerner plus emulates butterflies in a park

VIENNA – The architects describe it as ‘brimstone butterflies in a paradise garden’ in Vienna on Hohe Warte.

House Ship by ANA Architecten. Photo Luuk Kramer

ANA Architecten convinces a boat to become a house

AMSTERDAM – ANA Architecten appropriated a Belgian cargo boat and created an idyllic family boathouse.

Cottage in Fontanars by Ramon Esteve. Photo Mariela Apollonio

Ramon Esteve blends concrete and pine within a Spanish landscape

FONTANARS – When approaching the new building designed by Ramon Esteve, the first word to pop into the mind has to be ‘archetypal’.

Tower of Power by Göbl Architektur. Photos Bruno Klomfar

Göbl Architektur installs a self-sufficient power source for electric vehicles

VIENNA – The Tower of Power is a direct consequence of contemporary society's increased interest in electric vehicles.

Mark A-to-Z: E is for Eco-friendly

Mark A-to-Z: E is for Eco-friendly

As we aim to move closer towards a zero-footprint society, we take a look at five projects that include ‘eco-friendly’ within their credentials.

LIKO-Noe by Fránek Architects. Photos Jakub Skokan / Martin Tůma (BoysPlayNice)

Fránek Architects connects building research to the earth

SLAVKOV U BRNA – Originally constructed in 2015, the eco-friendly LIKO-Noe office building is now seeing results.


This pinecone sunflower casts a beautiful shade by day and shines at night

INCHEON – With Solar Pine, HG-Architecture re-examines technology’s role in the new natural world.

Education Centre by (se)arch. Photos Zooey Braun

Eco-inspired education centre by (se)arch splits into two child-friendly modules

TUBINGEN – Education is the flavour of the day for a small university town in south Germany, where a new education centre has been built just outside the medieval city.


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