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DPA, Space10, Cutwork and UNStudio ask: What will tomorrow’s co-economy look like?

Amsterdam – We joined with Design Post Amsterdam to host Share or Subscribe: Product and Space in a Post-Ownership Era, with aims of furthering the conversation about today’s …


In Paris’ Station F, smart co-living design elevates the city’s tech start-up industry

Paris – Flatmates is a new Cutwork-designed co-living space that addresses the contemporary lifestyle shifts of the growing start-up community in the French capital.


New book alert: City Quitters makes us question the value of the metropolis

Off the grid – Our new book, City Quitters, attempts to shed light on alternative approaches for creative living and working in an age of growing urbanisation. 


At St-W Lab, Space10 explores the future of co-living

Amsterdam – Space10 – Ikea’s future-living lab – embarks on a mission to explore new concepts in co-living design. Discover the results of their extensive One Shared House 2030 …

Bar Nou

Anna Puigjaner stresses the significance of the collective

Projects involving domestic spaces prompt a Spanish designer and researcher to stress the significance of the collective. 


MINI initiates a conversation about affordable shared housing

In booming international cities, homes amid the inspiring buzz of urban life are in hot demand. As a result, global urbanization has led to soaring house prices – a consequence of the lack of …

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