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Can the right type of locker room design help sports teams perform better?

Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada – Spectacle, a Calgary-based design studio, created an athletic space that strips away all visual distraction to help mentally prepare the Medicine Hat …


Products become precious as Sid Lee puts Adidas x Concepts in an underground vault

Boston, Mass. – Streetwear fanatics have a new place of worship with the latest in the series of collaborations between Adidas and streetwear retailer Concepts.

Only two elements have drastically revamped the space: light bulbs and layers of textile.

Benedictine Concert Hall by Dániel Baló, Dániel Eke and Zoltán Kalászi

A Hungarian boarding school's gym was fitted with a site-specific installation, transforming it from an atheletics centre into a temporary concert hall.

Bouncing movements are repeated in six mirrors hanging from the ceiling.

'Gymnast: In Motion!' Short by Steve Harries

Trampoline may not be the most popular Olympic discipline, but with Steve Harries' Gymnast: In Motion! it is difficult not to be hypnotised by it.

The structure rests on a diamond-shaped island between two existing waterways.

London Olympic Stadium by Populous

LONDON – With just a few hours to go until the 2012 Olympic Summer Games kick off in London, take a peek at the stadium that will house the opening ceremonies tonight.

To make the structure more energy efficient, the architects designed a so-called cable net roof structure.

London 2012 Velodrome by Hopkins Architects

LONDON – It’s fitting that Hopkins Architects’ Olympic Velopark – to be used for indoor cycling races – was inspired by the efficiency and beauty of a bicycle.

Prizes of €4000, €2000 and €1000 will be awarded!

The Retail Space of the Future

Ever dream of designing an adidas sports store? Here’s your chance!

At the peak of the jump is a public platform which offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape and fjords.

Holmenkollen Ski Jump by JDS Architects

HOLMENKOLLEN – While plunging head first – on skis – down a 58m-high ramp might not seem appealing, in Norway it’s a regular occurrence. 

Ethiopian volcanic geology served as inspiration for structure’s shape.

Sports Complex Ethiopia by LAVA

ADDIS ABABA – While sceptics are doubting if one of the world’s poorest countries actually needs a new stadium, Ethiopia will soon be home to a new 60,000-seat sports complex.

The prominent suction cups provoke visitors to step inside.

Olympic Shooting Venue by Magma Architecture

LONDON – Three white ashlars cluttered with colourful knobs will be Magma’s contribution to this year’s sportive playground.

‘The stadium will be an urban landmark in the cityscape of downtown Kiev,’ says architect Volkwin Marg.

Olympic Stadium Kiev by GMP

KIEV – The Eurocup football tournament begins today – check out the stadium where the winner will be crowned!

The stadium is located in the east of Warsaw on the banks of the River Vistula.

Polish National Stadium by GMP

WARSAW – There’s just one week to go before the hotly anticipated Euro 2012 tournament kicks off at the new Polish National Stadium in Warsaw.

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