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This interactive installation is messing with New Yorkers’ minds — and their walls

New York City – Studio INI created a kinetic installation at Brooklyn’s A/D/O that evokes the fluidity of human movement and interaction in urban environments. 


Technology brings nature to New York City in Studio Swine’s A/D/O exhibition

New York City – With Wave. Particle. Duplex. Alexander Groves and Azusa Murakami find a way to reconnect New Yorkers with nature – oddly enough, through technology.


An immersive and ethereal Studio SWINE exhibition opens at Brooklyn's A/D/O

New York City – Studio SWINE captures invisible elements of nature and gives them body in a new show at Brooklyn art and design incubator A/D/O. 


5 Days of St-W #117 – The studio is the product, and vice versa

NEW YORK CITY – London-based architecture collective Assemble transforms an outdoor courtyard at A/D/O into a ‘model factory’ made from the same materials as its products.

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