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3D-printed concrete columns set the stage for a dance festival in the middle of the Alps

Riom, Switzerland – Designed by the MA students of Digital Fabrication and Architecture at the ETH Zurich, Concrete Choreography brings 3D-printed concrete to the dance stage.


Your corner market might soon feature 3D-printed bioplastic furniture

Tokyo – Inspired by Japanese folding and drawing techniques, Dus made 3D-printed displays and furnishings for Loft, a department store in Ginza designed by Schemata Architects.


Want to see life on Mars? Look to SEArch+'s prize-winning habitat concept for NASA

New York City – The American firm's first place proposal is a conceptual habitat for humans that could be 3D-printed from indigenous Martian material using autonomous robotics.


If we hyper-personalize furniture, does that mean we’re limiting its social use?

Eindhoven – Henri Canivez’s Data Stool raises a me-vs-we question: By hyper-customizing it to follow the contours of one person’s body, are we making the seat useless to others?


St-W Awards jury member Anny Wang wonders how retail spaces can cheat trends

Copenhagen – As sustainable concepts and technologies in develop, the Swedish designer questions the future of physicality for design objects.


Are nomad, pack-and-go cities in our future?

Arnhem – Inflatable structures by Roos Meerman and Bart van den Hoven function as flexible pop-up lodgings. 


At St-W Lab, Hans Vermeulen speaks on the future of architecture and 3D-printing

Amsterdam – Alongside the interactive exhibits at St-W Lab, DUS Architects and Aectual founder Hans Vermeulen will address the topic, ‘Will we live in 3D-printed houses?’


At St-W Lab, The New Raw puts a positive twist on plastic waste in public spaces

Amsterdam – From algae-based objects to personalized on-demand flooring, discover new possibilities with 3D printing at St-W Lab on 21 - 22 February.


At St-W Lab, Aectual brings personalized spaces to a new level

AMSTERDAM – Discover the future of spaces at St-W Lab on 21 and 22 February through lectures, workshops and exhibits such as the bespoke 3D-printed Aectual Floors.


At St-W Lab, Studio Klarenbeek & Dros 3D prints with a unique sustainable material

AMSTERDAM – Algae are becoming an alternative for everything from fossil fuels to 3D printer filaments. Discover it in action at St-W Lab 2018!


Joris Laarman on exhibit: the ornamental functionality of robotic design

NEW YORK CITY – To see ‘frozen, functional poems’ of the industrial era transforming into the digital future, look no further than Joris Laarman: Design in the Digital Age.

Fire Wall by Bekkring Adams Architects. Photos Bekkring Adams Architects

3D printing is making an impression on concrete

MATERIALS – Bekkering Adams tests the partnership of concrete and technology in a tangible way, with the proposal Fire Wall.

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